About Us

We strive every single day to make a difference in our customer’s lives and staff members by providing a SAFE, RIGHT, FAST, and FRIENDLY wash experience along with a progressive work environment through STRUCTURE, CAMARADERIE, and FRIENDSHIP


Purple Pelican is an Express Tunnel Wash with more to offer than just our tunnel. Located in the amazing town of Sebastian, FL. Our main goal is to provide great customer service and a quality wash. With the help of our exceptional and smiling staff, we make sure our customers are satisfied with a shining, like-new car.

Our wash machines and chemical/soap technological advancements have moved us to provide a safe and gentle wash towards vehicles and the environment. All chemicals used are eco-friendly, plus our recycling system saves energy and water with every wash.

As we continue to update our car wash for the future, we hope to continue to deliver a satisfying product and relationship with all of you.

Contactless Washing

Only wash for miles with a touchless drive-through wash for ultimate protection.

Safety Materials

All of the chemicals we use are considered safe for you and your car as you use our services.

Modern Equipment

From our high pressure free vacuums, our tunnel drive-through, all the way to our special soft brushes, we delivery only the most modern of equipment.

Extensive Cleaning

Our services range from the basics to the most extensive of cleaning that range from a large assortment of product. Professional detailing coming soon!


What our clients say